Month: October 2009

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The Kalām cosmological argument is one of the best arguments for God that there is. It’s based on Aristotle’s work, picked up by the Kalām school of Islam before coming to Christianity (most famously, by Averroes, the philsopher whose work was so well-respected that Aquinas refers to him in the Summa simply as “the Commentator”). […]

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Bart Stupak (D-MI) Speaks Out Against Abortion in the Healthcare Bill

A lot of people are arguing that all the talk about abortion being covered by the proposed healthcare bills is a partisan political ruse, designed to derail Obamacare, a legislative defeat which could send his entire agenda reeling in the months before midterm elections (yup, they’re already talking about that here in D.C. – it’s […]

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Animals in the Book of Mormon

I. A Possible Mormon Source? Seth R. writes: Animals in the Book of Mormon: to actually research the Mormon responses before making claims. I’ve talked with both LDS friends of mine and with Mormon missionaries on this issue, and was unaware that FAIR existed (although I’ll try and make us of it in the future). […]

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National Catholic Reporter’s “Young Voices”: An Exercise in Dissent

In its continued assault on the Catholic Church, the National Catholic Reporter has published yet another hateful piece in its “Young Voices” section (it’s the third bullet point below). If you’re not familiar, Young Voices is the worst part of NCR’s editorial section. It’s staffed by four young people: Nicole Sotelo, Kate Childs Graham, Mike […]

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